New Permit Fees effective 04/01/2015

Newington Fire & Rescue
80 Fox Point Road
Newington, NH 03801

The authority having jurisdiction for the administration and enforcement of the following fee structure shall be the Newington Fire & Rescue Service.



NFPA 13 system (per riser):
Up to 10,000 square feet of protected area $250.00
10,001 square feet to 25,000 square feet $400.00
25,001 square feet to 52,000 square feet $550.00
Partial sprinkler system (not complete building protection):
Up to 11 sprinkler heads $110.00

Standpipe system (not part of combined sprinkler/standpipe system):
Up to 3 floors (per riser) $110.00
Add per floor beyond 3 add $55.00

Carbon dioxide system:
Pre- Engineered systems, each $110.00
Engineered systems, each $220.00

Clean agent extinguishing systems:
Pre-engineered systems, each $150.00
Engineered systems, each $220.00

Dry Chemical systems:
Pre- engineered systems:
Commercial cooking $100.00
Service stations pump protection $250.00
Other systems
Engineered, each $220.00
Wet chemical systems, each $75.00

Modification to existing suppression systems (each system)

Water and/or foam systems (all types)
1-20 heads $110.00
21-100 heads $220.00
Add for each head beyond 100 $1.00
Change in head location only/per floor $100.00
Standpipe system up to 3 floors $55.00
Add for each floor beyond 3 $55.00
Carbon dioxide system $75.00
Clean agent extinguishing systems $75.00
Dry chemical systems $75.00
Wet chemical systems $75.00

If five (5) or more heads are changed out a 200psi Sprinkler test will be required.


Automatic fire detection system:
New system $275.00
Renewal (yearly) $150.00

Modification to Automatic fire detection system:
1-10 devices $110.00
50-99 devices $220.00
Add for each device beyond 100 $1.00

Commercial cooking ventilation systems:
Including suppression systems $200.00
Not including suppression system $150.00


Fire pump installation $275.00

Fire water tanks/cisterns:

Aboveground $110.00
Underground $165.00

PERMIT FEES (other):

Permit of Assembly: $50.00
Hot Work (per day) $25.00

Explosive/blasting (per site)
Up to 7 days $150.00
Add for each additional day beyond 7 $10.00

Oil burner installation:
Residential NO FEE
Commercial $110.00

Storage tanks (other than water):

Above ground;

Install only $50.00

Removal only $55.00
Installation only $165.00
Removal and reinstallation $200.00

Plans review (fire dept):
Small project: $100.00

New commercial construction: To be determined by Fire Engineer

Reimbursement Costs:
In the event that the cost for fire department apparatus and/or equipment use is reimbursable under town or state statute, the following rates for the use of apparatus and equipment shall apply:

Aerial Apparatus: $450 per hour/ one hour minimum
Pumper Apparatus: $350 per hour/ one hour minimum
Forestry Apparatus: $150 per hour/ one hour minimum
Rescue boat $200 per hour/ one hour minimum
Medical Unit $200 per hour/ one hour minimum

Personnel costs shall be billed at the minimum of one hour at the employee’s actual costs, to include applicable hourly rate, retirement and healthcare costs. An administration fee of 5% shall be added to all costs that require reimbursement bill procedures.

Any person, persons, firm corporation, or partnership who shall violate any provisions of the above or shall fail to comply with any requirements of the Newington Fire & Rescue Services shall be guilty of a violation punishable by a fine of not less that one-hundred dollars ($100) or not more than five-hundred dollars ($500). Each day that a violation continues to exist shall constitute a separate offense.

Approved by Board of Fire Engineers on 04/13/2004
Amended Reimbursement Costs Approved by Board of Fire Engineers 07/08/08

Amended by Board of Fire Engineers on 04/01/2015